Days of the Week When is the Best to Get a Haircut

Days of the Week When is the Best to Get a Haircut

A girl’s hairstyle is quite important, and a good haircut is hard to get if your hair is not properly cared for. In order for them to be a subject of pride, they must be carefully looked after.

Any girl can be completely transformed by changing the haircut, hair colour, length and styling. If you’re not a fan of radical changes or short lengths, that doesn’t mean you can bypass the barber in general.

Hair will never look beautiful if the tips are curled or parted, so you need to attend the hairdresser regularly. Visiting the master was successful, it will not be superfluous to know on which day of the week it is better to cut hair. And this will aid astrologers who are familiar with all of the criteria for correctly calculating favourable and unfavourable haircut days.

When to cut

Surely everyone has come to know that during the growing moon all you have to do is cut your hair, but there is no proof of this belief. However, astrologers nowadays consider the calendar unfavorable for any manipulation of their hair:

  • Ninth
  • Fifteenth
  • Twenty three
  • Twenty nine

The body’s defenses are very weak throughout this age, and together with clogging the ends of your hair, you will lose vital energy. Therefore, consultants suggest to avoid and suffer changes in haircuts nowadays.

What day do you need to cut?

  1. As for the days of the week, astrologers consider Monday a very good day for haircuts and recommend going to the hairdresser on the first day of the week for those who want to get rid of bad thoughts and clear their mind.
  2. On Tuesday, along with changing your hairstyle, you should go to the guru to get rid of depression.
  3. A haircut on Wednesday will have a favorable effect on women who are preparing for bright emotions, pleasant and unexpected encounters, as well as travel.
  4. Thursday is a day full of magic, so it is perfect for a hairstyle change. In addition, a haircut on Thursday will help attract success and build relationships with others.
  5. Friday, astrologers consider it to be a day when new emotions and new events are attracted in the life of a person, so girls who want to make a drastic change in their appearance should approach the barber on Friday.
  6. Brittle and weak hair will become stronger and better after a haircut on Saturday.
  7. But Sunday is considered a very unfavorable day for any work with hair, be it getting a haircut or coloring. Astrologers believe that there is a great risk of losing luck and well-being on this day, so on the last day of the week all girls are advised to get a haircut.

Knowing the opinion of astrologers about favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts, it remains only to choose the right day.

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